The projects and programs that USG Alumni Gombe State accomplished through different grants address the needs of vulnerable communities and groups. There is potential for abuse to take place in the context of these projects and programs. Through its mission, USG Alumni Gombe State is well positioned to promote and ensure good practice by its staff and by with those of its partners who directly or indirectly work with Vulnerable Persons.

Zero Tolerance

Our organization has a zero-tolerance approach to safeguarding. In practice, this means that all necessary efforts must be made to comply with the Policy, irrespective of cost implications or operational inconvenience. Where it is not possible to comply with the Policy (for example if there are laws governing employment that affect local recruitment practices or for security reasons), this must be brought to the attention of the safeguarding team so an appropriate alternative course of action can be agreed. Failure to do so would be a breach of this Policy.

USG Alumni Gombe State Safeguard Policy

USG Alumni Gombe State Incident Report